Mounting Options

We have a limited range of options at our studio in Dublin, Ireland, when it comes to the mounting of prints: traditional matting, and contemporary aluminium and acrylic. 

Halbe Passepartout (mount board)

By tradition, prints are mounted and framed in such a way that the prints can be removed from the mount, without damage, at any time to facilitate re-mounting and re-framing.  Furthermore, all material in contact with the print should be acid free, and should prevent damage to or discolouration of the print.

Our Halbe mounts are of archival quality and are made for them exclusively by Hahnemühle FineArt.  We then use Japanese wheat paste (another traditional, archival material) for fixing the print to the mount.  


Dibond sheets are 3m thick. They have a sandwich-like construction made from a 1.5mm core of high density PVC with aliminium facings.  Prints mounted on Dibond are very light yet very stiff, and are usually hung un-framed. This is a contemorary way of presenting work and is popular with photographic artists throughout the world.

Prints mounted in this way usually have a very fine matt laminant which looks invisible when used in combination with a smooth surfaced paper.  The matt laminant which we use is so fine that it allows some but not all of the surface texture of Hahnemühle FineArt papers to be retained.  But it is suitable for use with only a small range of our art papers.  The mounting is ‘outsourced’ locally and is done to an agreed standard.