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The printing of limited editions has a long history.  Typically, editions are printed with tight controls on the process to limit, or eliminate, variations in quality and appearance,

Historically, an edition of prints was made from one plate in one print run. There were practical reasons for this: printing plates would wear slightly with each impression, and achieving an exact colour match from one print run to another was difficult to achieve.

Today, digital technologies have removed those practical limitations. However, artists now chose to limit the number of prints, signing and numbering each, to enhance their value among art buyers.

"Picture name" by Gladys McCabe.
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At Inspirational Arts, we provide consistent print quality in compliance with international colour standards using archival inks and papers. We can also emboss prints with the artist's own blind stamp, and we can provide Certificates of Authenticity. In short, we provide a complete limited edition reproduction service at our Dublin studio.

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