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To help you show your pictures off to their optimum advantage, you can choose from different glasses for your magnetic frame: Floatglas, Plexiglas Gallery®, Optiwhite Floatglas or the anti-reflective glass Schott Mirogard®. The individual types of glass differ in terms of the colour rendition of the picture, the sensitivity of the glass to shattering and the protection of the picture from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Our magnetic frames are also available with different glass on request, e.g. safety glass or polished plate glass.


Floated glass Matt glass


Floated glass is the normal choice for framing. If the contour sharpness of the picture is to be brought to bear more effectively, a glass that is glossy on both sides is recommended.


Matt glass, by contrast, reduces reflex. A combination of the two properties is delivered by our matt Optiwhite Floatglas, which is matt on one side, or – depending on the surroundings and budget - Schott Mirogard®. In combination with our LUMEX illuminated magnetic frames we don't recommend the Floatglas.


Acrylic Plexiglas Plexiglas Gallery UV 100 MR


Acrylic Plexiglas is shatterproof, while its low transparency means that it also offers maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation for UV-sensitive works.  The disadvantage of Plexiglas is its sensitivity to scratches and the greater cost of cleaning with a special antistatic cleaner.  You can find the relevant care products in our range of accessories.


Available on request: Plexiglas Gallery UV 100 MR with scratch-resistant surface coating.


Optiwhite Floatglas Optiwhite Floatglas VI


‘Optiwhite Floatglas’® does not have the very slight green colour of normal glass.  It is optically clear.


The right choice when it comes to achieving excellent, neutral colour rendition. Optiwhite Floatglas VI, which is matt on one side, also has the advantage that the contour sharpness of the picture is much better than in the case with anti-reflex types such as Floatglas or Plexiglas.




‘Mirogard’® is made from a high quality optical glass from Shott AG, makers of the purest glass in the world.  Unlike normal low reflection matt glass, the extremely low level of reflections from ‘Mirograd’® is created by optical coatings or both sides similar to those on high quality photographic lenses.  It is colour-neutral, and when viewed from the front, is as good as invisible.



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The Halbe framing system is used by many of the world’s leading artists, and can be found is some of the most famous museums and art galleries in the world.

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