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Fine Art Printing

Printing Your Artwork Reproductions

Scanning or photographing your artwork

When it comes to making high-quality reproductions of your original artwork, whether a painting, drawing or etching, etc., the process starts with either scanning or photographing the artwork. Contrary to popular belief, not every scanner, nor every camera can produce a digital file suitable for making high-quality reproduction prints. And in our experience, not every professional photographer can do so either; there are very specialised requirements necessary to produce files with sufficient resolution and colour accuracy to make a high-quality artwork reproduction. This is a job for specialists. We work with a small number of professional photographers who have specialise in artwork photography (we can refer you to them if required). Alternatively, you can have your artwork scanned. If the artwork is small, that can be done on a desktop scanner. For large artworks, a large format art scanner is required. Either way, we can digitise your artwork for you.

Testing and matching colours

Once we have the digital scan or the digital photograph we make test prints on the paper you’ve chosen for the reproduction. We have the widest range of photographic and art papers in Ireland. We can help you to choose a paper that is most appropriate for your artwork. You may choose to test a few papers. Once you have made a final paper choice, all the subsequent testing is done on that paper. We adjust colour, saturation, contrast etc. until we achieve as close a match as possible to the colours in your original artwork. Although our inks have the widest colour gamut available, they cannot reproduce all colours, so occasionally we notice some colour differences between your original artwork and the reproduction. Once the testing is complete, we ask you to sign off on the final approved proof. We then designate that file as our PMF (Print Master File) from which all subsequent prints will be made.


Prints can be ordered from us whenever you make a sale… there is no need for you to order multiple copies at one time. Typically a print order is ready in two or three days. Most of the artists we work with who make reproduction prints sell them as limited editions (for more details, see our Limited Editions page).  Some use the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity.

So, How Do You Get Started?

The simplest way to get started is to phone us on +353 1 454 5417 or e-mail us at Enquiries [@]

Test prints of two paintings by Padraig McCaul.