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Mounts & Frames

We are print specialists—that’s where our passions lie.  We are not framers but we work closely with a small number of Irish framers whose work is of a very high standard.  We also import a range of made-to-order contemporary frames from Halbe in Germany.

All frames that we specify and order on your behalf are made to the quality standards expected by art galleries and museums.  All the materials used that touch the print (including adhesives) are of archival or conservation grade.

There is a wide range of mounting and framing options to choose from today.  For those of you who want to learn a bit more about the options, please click on one of the options below.

Rear mounts

The most popular types of mounts today are:

  • Optically clear acrylic—this is clearer than glass and is usually 3 mm or 5 mm thick. It is the most expensive mounting option and is also widely accepted in the art world.
  • Dibond—this is a sandwich of two thin layers of aluminium and a core of HD-PVC. It is 3 mm thick and is widely used in the art world.  In terms of cost, it is between acrylic and conservation grade mount board.
  • Conservation grade mount board—like some of the papers we print onto, this type of mount board is made from 100% cotton. Its archival properties are well known and it is widely accepted in the art world.  It is sometimes chosen for aesthetic or cost reasons.
  • High-density PCV sheets (e.g. Foamex)—these are not accepted in the art world, but are sometimes chosen for budget reasons.
  • Polystyrene sheets (also known as Foamcore or Foamboard)—these light weight sheets are not accepted in the art world, but are sometimes chosen for budget reasons. They bow very easily and the edges can be easily damaged. They are often used for short term display.


The types of frames available today are too numerous to list here. The choices available can be bewildering and the range of styles, finishes and options available from any individual framer can run to hundreds. Custom made frames are available in a variety of solid woods, wood laminates, aluminium and stainless.  Wood finishes can be matt, satin or gloss, natural, hand-stained with varnish or wash, or coated with paint, lacquer or shellac.  A variety of sheens can be achieved from matt to high-gloss.

The traditional frame photograph—with a frame, a window mount and glass—is still very popular for domestic settings.  In the world of art galleries and museums, contemporary photography is often framed without glass using a combination of Dibond mount and a tray frame or box frame.

We are happy to advise you on the type of frames that will work well with your prints.