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Reusable Halbe Frames

Halbe is a medium-sized, family-owned framing business established in 1946.  As you would expect of a German company, their frames are precision-made and are of exquisite quality.  They were the first company to develop a re-usable framing system… so easy to use that no framer is necessary.  You frame your print yourself and you can replace the image at any time… in minutes.  Take a look at the video below to see how easy their frames are to use, and reuse.

Every Halbe frame consists of three main elements:

  • an outer frame (called a profile) made from solid woods or aluminium, with inner magnetic strips
  • a choice of several grades of glass or acrylic
  • an inner galvanised steel chassis surrounding a pH-neutral foam board with an acid free coating and an aluminium barrier layer to protect against humidity.

An optional passepartout (window mount) can go beneath the glass.

The Halbe framing system is used by many of the world’s leading artists, and can be found is many of the most famous museums and art galleries around the world.  We stock an extensive range of samples and we order based on your specific requirements.

Halbe Finishes

Wood is the most traditional material for picture framing. Halbe frames are available as natural oak, black oak, natural maple, white maple dark alder, brown alder and natural walnut. We have samples in our studio. They also come in a range of widths, from 13 mm for smaller frames to 21 cm for medium and larger frames. They come in a wide range of standard  sizes from 21 cm x 21 cm to 140 cm x 250 cm. Custom sizes can also be ordered from as small as 13 cm x 13 cm to 200 cm x 300 cm.

Halbe also has a range of aluminium frames. They also come in a range of widths from silver matt, white matt, black matt, medium grey, stainless steel brushed and chrome gloss. And they come in a range of widths from super thin 7.5 mm  for smaller frames to 18mm for medium and larger size frames. They come in a range of sizes from 21 cm x 21 cm to 100 cm x 140 cm. Custom sizes can also be ordered from as small as 13 cm x 13 cm to 200 cm x 300 cm.

Halbe Design Range

Halbe also has a range of six different designs specifications.

  • Classic Designed for use with window mounts/passepartout (see Mounts below for further information)
  • Distance These are designed with magnetic side spacers to create a 10 mm or 20 mm gap between the print and the glass.  These are colloquially known as box frames in Ireland. They are intended for use without window mounts/passepartout.
  • Class B1 Usually specified by architects, these look similar to the Classic range but are fire retardant to the German DIN 4102-1 and EU EN 13501-1 fire safety building standards.
  • Conservo These also look similar to the Classic range, but they use conservation grade materials and are made with museum conservators in mind.
  • Conservo Distance These look similar to the Distance range and are also made wit conservation grade materials.
  • Protect These are a step up from the Conservo range. They are hermetically sealed with internal climate control and optional internal data logger to continuously transmit internal climate data from within the frame to an external environment monitoring system. This range is produced for leading museums around the world. (We haven’t had any orders yet!)

Halbe Glazing, Mounts and Accessories

Halbe has an wide range of glazing options (13 types of glass and acrylic), window mounts (20 options), two types of frame lock, a frame hanging system and much more.

Halbe Range of Frame Profiles and Colours

The link below displays the full range of wood and aluminium frame finishes. If you click on any of the images on the page they enlarge to full window size showing great detail. It would be nice to point this out on our page. We should also mention that we have samples of the full range of profiles and colours.

Visit Halbe Frame Profiles and Colours to see the ranges available.