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Fine Art Paper Ireland

Fine Art Papers

There are three fine art papermakers in Europe that were established as early as the 15th Century: Hahnemühle in Germany, Arches in France and Fabriano in Italy.  Hahnemühle was the first of these to adapt their traditional paper making to suit modern digital printing technology and today they have the widest range of such papers.  Arches (using the brand name Canson Infinity) soon followed, and Fabriano has yet to produce papers suitable for digital printing.

We stock most of the Hahnemühle papers and a growing selection of Canson papers.

We also keep samples of the full range of Japanese papers from Awagami (who have a 1,300-year history of papermaking for the Japanese court).  We order larger sizes for particular projects.  These can take up to four weeks to arrive.

Awagami Papers

Canson Papers

Hahnemühle Papers